How to withdraw DAI from Decentral Games without paying the high Ethereum fees.

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From here we are going to agree on a few things:

  • I don’t represent the web page that acts as a bridge, I just used it a few times.
  • I am not responsible for the possible loss of funds due to incorrectly performing this tutorial or the page malfunctioning, etc.
  • Invest only money you don’t need and Not a financial advice.


The same ones that were explained here (how to fund your account) except for having BNB, in this case we are going to use matic to pay the fees of the Polygon network. If you already have your Polygon network configured in metamask, enter here that they will give you a bit of matic (for free)

Let begin 🏁:

Basically we are going to do the other way around, that is, pass DAI from Polygon to BSC.

Enter in this page

Connect your wallet with Polygon network selected.

Then complete the fields like the image below and press the button “Cross-chain transfer” (in the field “receiver adress” put your BSC wallet”).

Add the amount of DAI you want to transfer, check if everything is ok and press “swap”:

Check and confirm the transaction on Metamask wallet.

Once the transaction is confirmed it will show a loading screen on the bridge’s page, wait (don’t close it) and when it finished you should have your DAI in your wallet on the BSC network.

That’s it. Now you can pass it to Binance (bep20 network) and sell it in P2P market or buy anything you want 😉.

If this tutorial worked for you please share it, maybe other person needs this information or you can retwit this

See you👋

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